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It's about time there was a site for women who are gun enthusiasts. This is a site about women and their issues related to firearms and concealed carry. Whether it's concealment, options, links, resources or opinions, it's the one place that has it all. Enjoy!

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As a women who has shopped in various gun stores and ranges I can tell you it’s tough. Tough because these stores may have operated for years but catered only to men.  Oh, they may have sold firearms to women over the years but not to the extent seen in the last 6 years.

More women are buying, carrying and learning to shoot firearms.  That means the stores and shops who cater to women will prosper.  For the most part newer gun stores, those that opened in the last 4 years, do understand women are making up a good portion of their customers. Those that have been in business longer are slower to react to the change in demographics of the customer.  Will those gun shops survive?

What’s so different about the women firearms customer?  Like it or not the women of the household make a majority of the buying decisions for the household.  They are used to being marketed to and having options.  Truthfully I think the firearms industry is the last industry to cater to women.  The industry has traditionally marketed to men.  The first shift was pink and providing options which require less hand strength.  All good but from the firearms manufacturers what has the individual gun shop done to change it’s marketing?

Here’s a suggestion which will attract women, doesn’t cost much and will make the average gun shop and range stand out.  Further women will love this: Add a changing room.  What??  That’s right add a changing room to your store and provide options for women to try on.  This is what women are used to having changing rooms and trying before buying.

Anyone find a gun shop or range doing this? I’d love to know – I’ll share it !!





Yes it’s that time of year. Time to think about the holidays, shopping, gift wrapping … But it’s also that time of year when you’re out shopping, probably past dark, carrying multiple packages, your hands are full. Willing to bet there’s also a lot on your mind. Being distracted and busy makes you a perfect target. It’s important to remember thieves are looking for an easy target. Don’t be that easy target. Here are a few simple tips to remember:

– Be alert and pay attention to those people around you
– Memorize where you’ve parked your car, have your keys out and ready BEFORE leaving the store
– Don’t use earbuds or talk on the phone – these are distractions that prevent you from using all your senses
– Don’t leave those purchased packages in plain sight, store them in the trunk of your car
– When using an ATM, be aware of those around you
– Get gas and don’t watch the video screen while pumping, continually watch the activity around you
– Park in well-lit areas
– Lock your vehicle when parked, driving and getting gas
– If you’re carrying, be able to access your firearm at all times
– Be alert and be prepared

Busy, distracted people who are oblivious to their surroundings make great victims. Don’t be one!


canstockphoto17357014Packin’ Neat, the maker of the patented Packin’ Neat Purse Insert, is promoting it’s give away now through October 15, 2014.

Register to win a Designer purse of your choice AND a concealed carry class, no purchase necessary.  The winner will receive both a Designer purse and Concealed Carry training, don’t miss this opportunity!

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You read that correctly, I am a fan of off body carry.  OK, I said it And I know I’m bound to hear about it and how my opinion is in the minority.  I write this article because I want other similar-minded women to know someone else feels the same way.

To be honest, in a perfect world I’d rather carry on-body, I’d always get 8 hours of beauty sleep and I’d never, never be caught sweating.

Now, enter the real world.

I carry off-body.  In my daily life, I play an executive role and dress the part. I wear pants, skirts and capris regularly.  None of which were purchased with the extra room required in order to carry in the waistband. I have a slender waist and I’m not going to wear baggy clothes and look square in order to conceal.  As for other options, ankle carry is out due to the size of the weapon I carry.

I often discuss carrying with both men and women.  I find men are generally all about on-body.  They have very valid arguments, which I completely agree with, but it’s just not for me.  Usually they try to convince me I’m wrong and the conversation then leads to how his wife/girlfriend carries. Often the answer is: she carries her weapon in the glovebox or it’s in her car.  Why? Because she doesn’t want to carry it on-body.  For me, I’d rather have my weapon with me than locked in my glovebox.  I believe the odds are higher I might need that weapon when I’m outside my car, than in it.

I agree, I do risk having my purse confiscated, but I am diligent about controlling it. I keep my purse on me at all times when I’m out.  It means it sits in my lap at a restaurant and I don’t set it in the shopping cart.  It is on me at all times.

Benefits to off-body carry include not marrying each outfit with the appropriate holster, buying larger or special clothing and best of all, I know exactly where my weapon is and how to access it.  If I need to retrieve it, I don’t have to mentally remember where is it today.  I believe consistency counts, it’s in the same place every time.  This seems especially true if you’re in a fight or flight situation.  I want to instinctively know to reach into the same spot each time. That’s why off-body is my concealed carry choice.


We’ve all heard, and maybe even used the term ‘lock,stock and barrel’. But do you know where this expression originated?

According to any dictionary, it is used primarily in the U.S. and the U.K. and it’s definition is defined as wholly or completely, or all included.  For instance, ‘she bought it all, lock, stock and barrel’ implies she bought everything they offered for sale.

But, do you know how it was initially used?

According to Merriam-Webster, this phrase was first used in 1842. Others including the Oxford English Dictionary state this was first referenced in a letter written by Sir Walter Scott in 1817. Either way, the reference refers to the parts of early type firearms. Lock, referring to the Flintlock, Firelock or Matchlock because it looked like the primitive door locks of the day.  Stock, referring to the wooden handle of a firearm and barrel, the barrel of a gun.  Put all the parts together and you have the entire firearm.  All the parts combined, you have a gun, separate, you’ve got parts not worth much and no bang.

Lock, stock and barrel in our current culture:

1. Lock, Stock and Barrel is the title of a book with two volumes on the subject of antique gun repair.

2. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels was a movie made n 1998.

3. Lock, Stock and Barrel was a Foxtrot by Sammy Fain

4. Lock, Stock and Barrel are 3 characters in Tim Burton’s 1993 Disney film The Nightmare Before Christmas.

This phrase is yet another example how guns and gun references have been a part of the American culture for hundreds of years.





Your Odds

Sep 30, 2013

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imageOn September 26th The Blaze reported “a homeowner hearing noises at the door found two robbers forcing their way into his house”.


Now insert your house into the story.  The robbers are at your front door. What are you going to do when this is your family, your home and you are at risk.

You might want to spend some time thinking about this scenario before you find yourself in this position.  Yes, you.

It doesn’t matter your income, your neighborhood, you are at risk of this happening to you.  In fact, here are the odds;

Odds of death by lightning strike:  1 in 2,500,000

Odds of winning the Mega Millions Lottery: 1 in 135,145,920

Odds of being the victim of a serious crime in your lifetime: 1 in 20

So, is it really that far fetched?

You’ve probably played the lottery and spent time – even just a few moments – thinking about how winning might change your life. But how much time have you spent thinking about how much an intruder at your front door might change your life?




I keep seeing articles on this subject: what should women carry?  What’s the best weapon size, weight, caliber… for women?  It’s one of the latest discussions in magazines and on TV. Oh, you’ll hear various opinions about this particular firearm or that one.  You’ll hear hammer-less revolver or subcompact….this….

The real answer ladies is this – which ever one you’ll actually carry. You can have the greatest weapon with little to no recoil, light weight, perfect hand grip, pink or not, it only matters if that weapon is accessible when you need it and you know how to use it.

Everyone has an opinion and you’re not likely to find two exactly the same.  For instance, ask a group of men what is the best and most durable pick up truck out there and stand back. They’ll have an opinion.

Which weapon is right for you? Try them out. Did you know you can try out various models at your local gun range? Take it for a test drive.  Ask your licensed trainer, the gun shop owner, you’re friends, but in the end, go with the one you are most comfortable with.  If you don’t carry it or have access to it, perhaps it’s left in your drawer at home, it’s not going to help you when you need it.


imageAsk any man and his response to purse carry is ‘It’s not a good idea …’ And neither are makeup, earrings or high heels.  So ladies, you might disagree.

If you’ve recently received your carry license or if it’s in your future, you’ll need to choose the right carry option(s) for you.  Is purse carry for you?

Here are a few Pros and Cons to assist in deciding if purse carry works for you – from a women’s perspective.

PRO – Women almost always carry a purse already.  You won’t need to wear loose fitting clothes or worry about visually concealing.

CON – Purse carry will add weight to your purse and make it heavier.  The good news is if you carry a designer purse you’ll find they are typically very well made and can handle it.

PRO – Depending on your purse size, you can carry a variety of options and having your hand in your purse – even on your weapon – won’t arise suspicion versus walking to your car holding on to your ankle holster.

CON – You’ll need to make sure you use a holster configuration to properly position your firearm and separate it from other purse articles. Think in terms of being able to open your purse to pay for a cup of coffee without flashing the cashier.

Options exist that offer women more choices to conceal carry than ever before.  And ladies if you’re hesitant to give up your designer purses check out the holster and purse organizer combination provided by the Packin’ Neat Purse insert.



Take a few moments to check out this viral video of Dan Bongino.  It really moved me and I’ve been forwarding to all my email contacts.  I Love it!!!




There’s power in numbers, or so the saying goes.

Power in numbers- gun owners number in the millions

Power in numbers – gun owners number in the millions

And there are numbers, high numbers of people choosing to own firearms.  Yet despite the numbers, I believe many in our current government and those on the anti-gun bandwagon have underestimated exactly how many.  Estimates from all sources are in the millions, some say 52 million American households have at least one firearm.

I believe many of those Americans won’t back down and won’t easily give up their 2nd Amendment rights. With all this it sounds like things might be coming to a head.  But is it?

Americans are attending gun shows in record numbers, gun manufacturers are getting involved in the issues (these guys are 2nd Amendment advocates) and even recently I’ve heard about ammunition shortages.  Hum, seems to me a large percentage of people are having something to say about firearms if their dollars and feet count.

So, with all these people choosing to own firearms, supporting the NRA, buying new firearms, applying for concealed carry permits, you might think we’d be hearing about those large numbers standing up and speaking out about upholding the 2nd Amendment – oh, we do have some.  But instead I’m reading about California confiscating thousands of legal firearms and the state of Washington passing laws to allow local law enforcement rights to yearly inspect gun owners homes.  Why does it feel like gun owners are rolling over or are they?

Yes, it’s apparent the media will spin the stories to their liking but it also seems like American’s are complacent.  Much like the frog in the pot of water not recognizing that the water is getting hotter. The frog doesn’t recognize the dire situation because the water temperature has risen in slow increments.  Then it’s too late.  Are we Americans slowly watching our rights being taken away in small increments not recognizing the danger and are we going to wake up one day and realize the pot’s boiling and it’s too late?


The gun debate, yep you’re either for it or against it….. or maybe you live under a rock in that case, you have a lot of catching up to do. For those who go on television saying there must be something done about instances like Sandy Hook and they immediately announce limiting the capacity of the gun, (the magazine or clip and the amount of bullets the firearm can hold) is the answer. In addition, they say that incidents like the recent cinema shooting could have been different if the people of the theater would have been given a chance because the shooter had to reload. WHAT????

This is when I start yelling at the t.v. What would have given those cinema go-er’s a chance would have been a patron with a firearm! I’d rather take my chances with a law-abiding concealed carrying grandma than on the additional 3 seconds it would take to drop out a clip and add a new loaded one. Really, these people either haven’t thought this through or it’s only an excuse.

What do you think?


bullseyeGun owners:  Feeling like the government has put a bullseye on your back?  If you feel like many Americans, male or female, you feel as though government officials are working quickly to try to take some of your freedoms away.  What can the average citizen do?  Here it is.  Know that there is a way to have your voice be heard, a way to reach out to your representatives and let them know you want to stop the Semi-auto Gun Ban Bill.  Here’s how.  If you follow this link, you’ll be directed to the NRA-ILA site where you can sign up to write your representatives.  The ILA is the lobbying arm of the NRA and they are currently working to fight gun control measures trying to be enacted.  They are working to fight with 4 million strong NRA members, you can help.  Reach out to your representatives today and let them know what you think – You can make a difference:


Glock .40 caliber

Glock .40 caliber

Are you carrying a firearm? A recent article shows gun store owners are reporting an increase in female firearms purchasers by 73% and applications to purchase firearms are up 50% over the same period last year.

With all the recent interest in firearms, including firearms for women, it is now estimated women gun owners have topped the one million mark. With so many women getting involved, it stands to reason more females are increasingly making up the concealed carry rage. Are you Carrying? Share your reasons for carrying, we’d love to hear from all those ‘girls carrying guns’ out there!


More and more woman are coming to the realization, guns aren’t just for men.  More woman are arming themselves, whether it’s for home defense, self defense day-to-day or in certain circumstances, many woman have decided to be proactive.  To be able to defense themselves by owning a legal firearm.  That’s what this website it all about.  Smart woman who have made the choice to become a gun owner.  Many are carrying and Girls Carry Guns is a site created just for these woman.  A spot to view the latest topics, ask questions, find links or simply learn more.

Tell us what you’d like to see here by providing a comment or two.  Welcome!